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Situated on the northern slopes of Wharmton Hill, overlooking the villages of Saddleworth.

The Clubhouse is 800 feet above sea level and the highest point is over 1000 feet, with the surrounding hills ranging from 1250 to 1700 feet high.  Despite its height, the course is not one to be regarded as ‘hilly’ as most of the fairways traverse the hillside.

To view an extensive selection of course images look on the Photo Gallery page but take time out and walk the course with our PGA Professional, Andy Earlam.


  • 518
  • 503
  • 447

Keep left off the tee as the ball bounces to the right, out of bounds on or over the road. Safe second shot to the trees in the centre, leaving a pitch to the green which should be landed short left to bounce on.


  • 164
  • 158
  • 155

Aim to the left corner of the green. Anything pitching short will bounce on. If you are too far right you will be left with a tricky chip up the banking.


  • 424
  • 414
  • 346

Aim your drive between the marker and the tree and the second shot at the bank at the front left corner of the green. The bank will feed your ball on. Anything too far left off the tee is safe but makes the second difficult.


  • 290
  • 280
  • 274

Try to keep as close to the trees on the right as possible as this will leave an easier second shot down the green.  If you checked the pin position playing the third, make sure you have enough club as it is a long green.


  • 156
  • 153
  • 150

Hit enough club as it is uphill again.  Check the pin position.  If it is on the back level of the McKenzie green it can be up to two clubs more.


  • 390
  • 381
  • 337

This hole plays longer than the yardage.  Drive up the left half of the fairway and give your second shot enough club.  Usually your instinct is better than going off the yardage. This hole has a two-tier green.


  • 335
  • 302
  • 269

Drive to the centre of the fairway as there is nothing gained by trying to cut the corner. There is a steep gradient to the green so hit enough club. The bank at the back of the green will assist. Mind the bunker on the left.


  • 398
  • 370
  • 361

An inviting tee shot that is better aimed at the right of the fairway, nothing far left.  Downhill all the way to the green so it’s easy to overclub. Quite a narrow green entrance and the ball runs off left and right.


  • 336
  • 329
  • 244

Slight dog-leg but aim over the marker post or just left for the longer hitter. You can run out of room if you are too far right. Pitch the second on the right portion of the green as it runs right ot left.


  • 150
  • 140
  • 109

Uphill par 3. Again take enough club to clear all the bunkers. The bank at the back should hold anything that is too long and feed it back onto the green.


  • 330
  • 311
  • 300

Care is needed with the tee shot. A line just right of the marker allows for a run to the left. Bunkers and rough await anything long or too far left. Pitch the second shot on the front right corner of the green.


  • 459
  • 444
  • 377

Dogleg. Short hitters aim left of the marker as bunkers await anything right of it. Long hitters go between the marker and the trees. Safest second shot is to pitch just short of the green to run down.


  • 340
  • 328
  • 290

Aim at the television mast in the distance or the left of the conifer plantation as it’s better being left than right. Hit enough club for the second shot. Another hole that plays longer than its yardage.


  • 492
  • 476
  • 461

Aim the drive just right of the tree plantation on the left and the ball will kick right. The second or third shot should be aimed to pitch on the front left of the green. Anything central may run off.


  • 177
  • 160
  • 140

Our signature hole. Pitch on the front right corner of the green if you are not able to stop the ball quickly. It should run down to the centre.


  • 323
  • 316
  • 304

A straight forward hole. More room to the left. Pitch the second into the right portion of the upslope to the green. Slopes a little right to left and anything too far left can roll off the green just past the bunker.


  • 363
  • 345
  • 322

Aim the tee shot down the left side of the fairway, anything right of centre can kick right into the rough. A narrow entry to the green which also slopes front to back so pitch short or on the front.


  • 470
  • 457
  • 403

Fairway slopes considerably from right to left so pitch up on the right side. Alternatively aim at the trees between the first and eighteenth to kick onto the first for a better line in. Aim at the right corner of the green where the bank is lower - easier to bounce up if pitched short

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